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Looking Back: A Semester in Review

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If my website is a culmination of my classwork, then it is best represented by content and not design. Reviewing the content produced both individually and as part of a group, is a satisfactory representation of a semester’s work. From the deep-dive theory presentation to the final public service announcement video, I delivered fully-developed well-executed projects.

Writing for the web

Writing content to be read online is more in my wheelhouse than writing for academia with the proper citing of references and formatting. Last semester, the struggle was real. But as with anything, practice does make a task more manageable.

I was glad to use WordPress this year because while I am familiar with CMS, I’ve never built a site in WordPress. While the site is solid in construction, I’d like to explore a bit more, including different themes and plugins — for instance, my current site uses a plugin called “Site Origin Builder,” which I have modestly experimented with.


While I understand that the nature of specific projects is collaborative and dependent on various skill sets and areas of expertise, I was mindful of the weight given to group projects. In the execution of each project, I contributed in multiple areas, from crafting content to handling the post-production (which I loved doing). For the most part, I was satisfied that the group projects achieved successful outcomes.


The Google Analytics Certification was probably the biggest challenge. Surprisingly. I wasn’t unfamiliar with the analytics dashboard going in, and I completed a couple of training modules, leading to some confidence in my level of understanding. However, it took multiple attempts to pass.

Website 2.0

Despite developing an audience persona, I was never entirely sure what I wanted my site to be or do. I didn’t want a traditional personal portfolio site, in part, because I don’t have a snappy given or surname that I would want to construct a URL on. Additionally, I prefer both the anonymity and public face of more of a studio or business site. Even if in truth, it’s really a one-person show.

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Moving forward, this seems the best scenario for developing my website. As I am entering the latter part of my career life, I have been giving some consideration to building a post-retirement freelance work and a clientele base, and my personal/professional website will be a key component of that.

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